Hiring Domestic Help In Singapore

The total costs of hiring a domestic help in Singapore range from 6,470 to 11,390 dollars per year.This amount includes monthly salary, agency fees, orientation programmes, insurance and government levies.Also, remember that you have to cater for other expenses such as food and other daily necessities.Having known that is important for you to know the following:

1. Role of agencies in domestic help hiring process

The recent times have brought to our notice the acute need of a domestic help in Singapore who has the skills required for household chores and at the same time is capable enough to take care of the family. That is the reason for individual’s honesty being a prime area of concern. Considering the fast-paced life of working men and women, the only resort left for them is to to get a domestic help through an agency. That assures them of the safety of the elderly and kids at home in their absence. Does hiring through an agency really provides assurance? In most of the instances, it does not.

The agencies in Singapore involved in catering to the need of household help practice mass hiring. Domestic help requests are also placed at the eleventh hour in few instances.So quite often the process of getting the domestic help verification takes a backseat. People are still unaware of the difference between domestic help verification and domestic help background check. The agencies in the light of the above scenario tend to ignore the activity of knowing the past employment history of a domestic help. What is the difference between domestic help verification and domestic help background check? Domestic help verification is equivalent to police registration wherein a domestic helps address is registered to trace him/her in case of any crime committed by the person.Is it a good practice to rely on domestic help verification only? Domestic help verification should be a part of domestic help background check which is an activity with wide scale and scope.

Domestic help background check includes a thorough verification of the domestic help. It also takes into consideration the past employment history, dependence on alcohol or drugs, criminal record. Domestic help background check is conducted in order to extract more information about a person to be employed as domestic help. Unlike domestic help verification, domestic help background check assures the household of knowing the facts about a domestic help: which can be known of.

With a record increase in the rise of gruesome domestic crimes, households planning to employ a domestic help should not rely on agencies with blind faith. The domestic help is entrusted with the responsibility of performing daily chores and at the same time to take care of the family members. Therefore a proper domestic help background check becomes vital. It acts as a preventive measure and helps to shield the household against the nefarious motive of the domestic help.So what is the call for action? Domestic help background check should become the top priority for any household planning to employ a domestic help.

2. Do You Really Know Your Domestic Help

Households in joint families and nuclear families are alike in their habit and practice of hiring domestic help. It helps them with the routine chores. Domestic help acts as a saviour for working women in urban set up who are always running short of time. Apparently, the professional women have so much dependency on the maid that they hand over the complete household responsibility. This happens mostly when the maid has spent few successful years with the family. The working woman would definitely start to treat the maid as family and let her shoulder the entire responsibility of running the household in her absence. It has been seen that this the point from where the story unfolds in a direction which was never thought of. The domestic help who has been an extended family cheats the household and leaves them stupefied for the years to come.

A large number of domestic help in Singapore try to gain the trust of a particular household before they plan to victimize the family members of the particular household they had been working for. A domestic help comes to a city from different states to make a living.So it becomes difficult to fathom out the possible background history attached to the person. Driven by greed for money and luxury, and sans any second thoughts, the domestic help gets carried away to plot against the person who treated him/her with love and respect and household regrets lifelong. Shouldn’t every household dwell on the possibility of the above inference? The rise in crimes committed by domestic help calls for households to open their eyes and take a step in the direction of domestic help verification.

Prior to hiring a domestic help in Singapore, a household should try to know about the background history to ensure there is no trace of criminal activities to his/her credit. Instead of trusting the maid blindly a through maid verification ought to be made an agenda.It is essential for a household to know if it is safe enough to let a stranger enter the house as domestic help. Apart from helping in the household chores of cleaning, washing and cooking, a domestic help often entrusted with the responsibility to take care of the elderly and kids. Domestic help stays with them in your absence and you are assured because you believe they are in the safe and secure company. This notion can prove to be wrong more often than not. Hence, Be assured of the safety of your loved ones once you have hired a verified domestic help. Domestic help verification agencies are definitely an option to help you in this hour.

3. Benefit from Hiring a Domestic Help

It has been quite a while that domestic help is considered as a beneficial aide for ladies in the households. Gone are those days when women would leave the chores on domestic helps gleefully and utilize their own time on something important.
Hiring a domestic help in Singapore is a bit of a headache, not to forget the risks attached to this hiring decision. Typically, when domestic help starts frequenting your household, the individual attains a lot of information on the family members’ lifestyle, the place was valuables are kept, etc. A domestic help is poised to share such information with other entities which can have devastating results.

This level of vulnerability can be dealt with knowing the domestic help better. Verification of a domestic help’s background is a commendable way of attaining true information on the domestic help. Details are given by the helper on his previous and current addresses, past employer and references can be checked and validated.

Site visit to the given residence helps not only invalidating the address details but gives an opportunity to talk to the neighbours to get an overall picture of the person’s personality. A telephonic conversation with the referees given by the domestic help gives a chance of knowing the performance as well as the person’s conduct at work and with an employer. These checks are capable of rising flags whenever any suspicious detail is unearthed.

In addition, a criminal check is one which involves running a person’s details through the criminal database maintained by the police. Any FIR filed against the person’s name in the past can be pulled out to now the details. A person’s criminal past can be indicative of the possibilities of the domestic help’s inclination to be involved in a criminal act again.

With such background verification on the domestic help, you can rest assured that a decision based on verified facts is a decision well taken.

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